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• Inference engine to build and analyze data by flexible criteria
• Network scoring based on easy to define rules and criteria
• Link analysis of high-volume data streams
• Data fusion of heterogeneous data sources
• Flexible network analysis methodology and work processes to answer dynamic needs
• Visualizing and documenting complex relationships
• Multiple database connection and data retrieval to single screen
• Offline and Online Usage


btt-Scope application areas

BttScope can be used for the following sample scenarios:

CDR Analysis (Call Detail Records)
Using CDR and location information, btt-Scope can display in a graph the locations the suspect has visited and the people he has contacted. Tactical intelligence for organizational structure, pattern of known incidence, reaching a part or whole of time period indication of a preparation of an social or criminal action.

Event Analysis
Using data received from surveillance, police reports, court decisions, informants and eyewitnesses, etc. the links between suspects, events, objects, phones, and members of the network. The graph will display connections between suspects, colleagues, car model, addresses, post codes, places or entities gathered from VARIETY of SOURCES.

Internet Analysis
Using data received from internet monitoring application, target mail traffic, visited sites, and interconnection with final analysis can be provided.

Network Analysis
bttScope network analysis provides answers to questions like: Who is involved? How is it structured? How and where does it operate? What are its behaviour trends? What are the changes over time? and other intelligence relevant to the networks. It can also expose and score networks that fit profiles of targeted/suspicious attributes from massive amounts of data even when none of the members of the network have been previously identified.

Financial Fraud Events
Nowadays, financial fraud events can give irredeemable loss all over the world's markets both the individuals, big capital companies or the economic systems of the countries.
Tax fraud or organized patterns can be easily traced by visualization by online queries within significantly short periods of time and manpower.

Money Laundering
All data gathered from databases of financial organizations like banks or brokers can be used the behavioural timeline processing and fraud pre detection.

Currency counterfeiting
The currency counterfeiting is one of the oldest crimes in the world. On the other hand the criminals use hi-tech equipments both for counterfeiting and for distributing. bttScope is ready to take control and analyze the actions of any pattern that is known automatically.

Payment Card Frauds
The use of payment cards rapidly increasing day by day, as a result the payment card fraud s becoming one of the biggest problems of the financial institutions. bttScope with its developed and up to date tools is ready to help you to override payment card frauds like; “card not received”, “lost/stolen”, “counterfeit”, “card not present(CNP)”.

Telecom Frauds
Telecom fraud is the main cause of revenue loss in service provider companies. With the latest developments in telecom technology, and increased customers, the service providers need advanced and sophisticated solutions like btt-Scope to catch all types of fraud like; opening an unauthorized telephone account, slamming, cramming, call forwarding scam and modem hijacking.

Medical and Automation Applications
Any relation between requested identities can be configured to bttScope for analysis. (e.g. Hospital-Doctor, Doctor-Patient, Doctor-Pharmacy relations)


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